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Centipede ExterminatorsThe house centipede is about 1 inch long and the body is yellowish gray with longitudinal dark stripes. The 15 pairs of legs are very long and can make the centipede seem much larger. The antennae are also long and extend out in front of the body.

The house centipede usually lives indoors, and in damp locations such as basements and bathrooms where it preys on insects and spiders. There are several larval stages before reaching maturity and look similar to adults but are smaller. The adults and nymphs may be found together in harborages.

Controlling Centipedes

Reducing the presence of insects and spiders indoors may help to limit populations of these arthropods. Aerosol sprays and dusts in cracks and crevices may be effective. Sticky traps may also be used.

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